Mumbai is an exciting city full of colour, movement, wonderful Victorian architecture and fantastic shopping.

You can buy just about anything in the dense bazaars surrounding Crawford Markets, which is the main market in the city for fruit and vegetables but also has animals, spices and much more.  One word of warning, on both occasions that I have been to Crawford Markets, men have approached me and assured me that visitors cannot  enter the markets without a guide, and will point to the sign which says exactly this.  Don’t believe them.  You can go there freely and without a guide and enjoy the bustle and colour of the market without assistance.


IMG_0827When you exit the markets, weave your way through the numerous streets and lane ways and make your way to Mangaldas Market.  This is a covered area of stalls and is known for the silk and dress fabrics and lots of tailors.




It is very easy to get lost but just go with the flow and try to make your way to Zaveri Bazaar with specialises in jewellery,


Then make your way to Chor Bazaar with antiques and furniture, Dhabu Street, which is worth looking at if you are interested in leather goods and Mutton Street, for antiques and various junk.  My favourite area is Chipi Chol where you will find trimmings, buttons and bits.



Every lane way specialises in various items, be it plastic bags or paper products and although it sounds mundane, each lane is worth a visit.  Enjoy.